Basic functions of HiCrypt™

• Encryption service
• Devices & terminal servers
• Access for multiple persons
• DropBox, Google, Strato et al.
• Mobile access
• Intuitive and easy to understand
• Protects your feelings and values
• Support of individual password policies

Features of HiCrypt™ 2.0

• 2-factor authentication with USB smartcard token or smartcard

HiCrypt™ is “Product of the Year 2013”!
And the winner is … HiCrypt™ – was said in the evening of November 21st 2013 in London.

HiCrypt™ won in the category: Cloud Security Product of the Year 2013. HiCrypt™ prevailed against seven US competitors.

Read the complete press release here.

HiCrypt™ 2.0 for free: free for students*

To share party photos via Dropbox with your friends, to store your own bachelor’s thesis on your laptop: are you sure about who else has access to your data?
HiCrypt™ 2.0 encrypts your data on your online storage or on your laptop. How it works? Thanks to an advanced encryption procedure only you and your authorized friends have access to the encrypted data.

How it works:

• Send us your valid certificate of matriculation**
• Get your Product Key
• Download HiCrypt™ 2.0

* Free for students with a valid certificate of matriculation.
** The easiest way is to send it by e-mail to Please note that we only can consider e-mails with valid certificate of matriculation.




SLM Kunststofftechnik GmbH
“As a worldwide acting A supplier for Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Daimler-Chrysler and BMW as well as system supplier for Rehau, Peguform, Plastal our company is one of the leading system supplier. Lately we were confronted with an audit of one of the manufacturers. The requirements for the IT were focused on 2-factor-authentication and data encryption …” …more