“Integrating HiCrypt™ helped us to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access. Protecting sensitive data is a top priority for us. Especially the simple installation as well as the professional support by digitronic has convinced us. HiCrypt™ is very clear, flexible and easy to use. We are very satisfied and will recommend HiCrypt™.” (translated from German)

Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz

“As a worldwide acting company, we have high expectations of any software solution. HiCrypt™ has convinced us in the evaluation period. Thus we started using this software. We have been impressed with the flexibility of service during implementation of our project. In the meantime, we are sure thanks to daily use to have made the correct decisiom with HiCrypt™.” (translated from German)

CONTURN – Analytical Intelligence Group GmbH

“Criminal methods to gain access to sensitive business data get more sophisticated every day. The spectrum of crimes ranges from data theft, fraud and sabotage over spying and corruption to cybercrime. Protecting sensitive data is our company´s primary concern and we have high expectations in this matter. HiCrypt™ is very clear, flexible and intuitively usable. The excellent service hotline guarantees competent support any time. We are very pleased with the provided features. As a customer for many years, we can recommend a collaboration with digitronic® with a clear conscience.”


“HiCrypt™ has impressed me and my colleagues with its quality, its simple design as well as its price-performance ratio. For me HiCrypt™ is an optimal encrypting software solution, which has convinced our company.” (translated from German)

SLM Kunststofftechnik GmbH

“As a worldwide acting A-supplier for Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Daimler-Chrysler and BMW as well as system supplier for Rehau, Peguform, Plastal, our company is one of the leading system suppliers.
A while back, we were confronted with the task to face an audit of a manufacturer. The requirements for IT were focused on 2-factor-authentication and data encryption. To ensure that the audit could be completed successfully, we looked for a professional and flexible solution provider, which we found in digitronic®. digitronic® provided solutions for both requirements and has proven initial experiences in the automobile industry.
The use of Secure Logon, the default Windows logon procedure, has been replaced by logon with token and PIN. Only if the token is plugged in the computer and the correct PIN entered the logon is successful. Thus a person can only log on having in his possession the token and knowledge of the PIN.
HiCrypt™ encrypts data on network drives. Due to its great architecture the software enables joined user access to encrypted files and folders. The encryption and the decryption takes place at the user´s computer. Thus unauthorized persons have no chance to gain access to encrypted information.

We could completely comply with the requirements of the external audit with these two solutions and the excellent responsiveness of digitronic®´s employees.” (translated from German)

Wimmer Wohnkollektionen e.K.

“In our IT department everything is working without incidents. We have been looking for a solution, which works and is flexible, clear and easy to handle. HiCrypt™ offers the required security, availability, control and efficiency, which makes it the perfect solution for IT security. HiCrypt™ meets all of our requirements.” (translated from German)

Dietmar Helms GmbH – IT Consulting

“One of my customers uses HiCrypt™ with about 75 employees on a Windows 2012 terminal server. After a quick setup, the encryption tool does unremarkable his service. I´m excited about the fast, nice support of digitronic®. In brief: clear recommendation for encryption of sensitive data.” (translated from German)